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11/30/2023 • Trends

Design Trends for 2024

We asked some of our top design partners to weigh in on their predictions for what will be trending in 2024.

Curious what will be trending in interior design in 2024? We asked some of our top design partners to weigh in and got some great feedback!

A common theme is that gray is set to make its exit, making room for a palette of warmer and richer colors, with an emphasis on light wood tones. While white remains a staple choice, the trend is shifting towards a softer variation and greens and blues will be popular colors. Metallic accents, such as gold and copper, will warm up countertops, contributing to a fresh, natural look.

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Colors will become warmer and richer with an emphasis on light wood tones. White will always be a staple go to choice so I don’t see white going away. Countertops too will be warming up with metallics such as gold /copper accents within the stone. A fresh natural look will be the inspiration with muted color tones in layers of neutrals.

-Tim Bexten, Glass City Kitchen & Bath


Customers are moving away from greys and whites. An accent color on the island or hood is being seen in social media posts. Muted colors on tops as opposed to heavy veining is growing in popularity.

-Jill Rubey, Requarth Kitchens & Lumber

I think most designers are finding that the warmer tones are definitely starting to gain more popularity over the cooler greys and whites. I am noticing that reeded center panels with cabinetry are making a big statement in our market as well! People are definitely starting to turn towards wallpapers that include textures, prints, and colors to create more play and depth within their spaces.

-Rachel Willoughby, Straight Line Design

I believe 2024 will see a rise in two-toned kitchens. I foresee more wood tones in the kitchens of 2024. I believe more textured countertops will increase.

-Allyson Prince, Carter Lumber


We are using warmer tones overall. Although white cabinetry is still popular, we are moving toward a softer white and also encouraging the use of white on the walls with warm wood tones for cabinetry. Counter and backsplash material the same, darker quartz countertops or tops in natural stone like quartzite or granite are regaining popularity. Biophilic design still drives color and aesthetics in the design world.

-Amanda Sherman, Big Rapids Lumber and Hardware


I predict white is on its way out. I feel most people are wanting warmer tones. Wood grains with mixes of color; blues/greens. Also see a trend towards darker tones; blacks/darker stains.

-Ashley, Big C Lumber

For the upcoming year I think that shades of blue and green will be in the mix for customers. Combining the touch of color with a more traditional stain. For countertops I feel that quartz will still be in the mix with bold colors and white backgrounds.

-Jen Shaffer, Lima Lumber

Greens and Blues will still be HOT accents colors for a kitchen. More Natural wood tones are coming back...light stains and washes. Not as much White (although classic) more Creams and Taupes. Countertops are going Warmer tones too...will the marble Look but warmer veins and a Matte Finish.

-Sara VanderStelt, Creative Kitchens

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