Counter Solutions

Template & Installation Process

You will be contacted directly by one of our template or install technicians on the day your countertops are scheduled to be measured or installed to verify their arrival time.

Please review and complete these simple but important checklists before they arrive to ensure an efficient and accurate experience.

You may also download them here.

Preparing for Template

Step 1

Remove Objects

Remove all objects or construction material from the top of cabinets. If existing countertops are in place, remove all household items.

Step 2

Have Sink on Site

If you are not using a Counter Solutions sink, please make sure your sink is on site. If you are using a farm/apron sink, we require that it is installed prior to templating.

Step 3

Have Other Fixtures on Site

Ensure faucets and all other fixtures (soap, water purifier, disposal switch) are on site for templating. If this is not possible, please be prepared to provide fixture specifications and to discuss number of holes and locations in which they need to be drilled.

Step 4

Provide Make and Model Numbers

Be prepared to supply the make and model numbers of new stoves and cooktops. If you are using existing appliances, make sure they are on site for us to verify dimensions.

Step 5

Have Decision Makers on Site

A “decision maker” will need to be on site to assist in making any final choices required for sizing or design.

Preparing for Install

Step 1

Coordinate Existing Countertop Removal

If Counter Solutions is scheduled to do the removal of your existing countertops, we ask that you clear out the contents of the lower cabinets.

Step 2

Remove Objects

Remove all household items in area.

Step 3

Disconnect any Water, Gas or Electrical Lines

Includes an existing sink or an existing cooktop.

Step 4

Remove Top Drawers of Cabinets

If this proves for any reason to be too difficult, your installation team will be happy to assist.

Step 5

Provide an Unobstructed Path for Counter Solutions Vehicles and Employees

This would include snow and ice removal, removal of construction related material and furniture if the situation requires.

Step 6

Have Appliances on Site

Your installation team will need access to all appliances in order to verify the sizes of cooktop cutouts, stove and fridge openings.

Step 7

Have a Decision Maker On Site

Your installation team may require have questions that may help to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Installation Team

Our installation team is comprised of a highly skilled and professional group of experts with years of experience in countertop installation. With a deep passion for their craft and a commitment to excellence, our team has honed their skills over the years to become masters in the art of countertop installation.

Care & Maintenance

Learn more about care and maintenance to protect your countertop after installation.